Custom software development is designed to give you the solution necessary for your business. The most important element of custom software development is eschewing compromises: by following your exact requirements, we create a system that meets your needs, with no gratuitous interfaces or features.

The key elements of custom software development


Requirement specification

The purpose of the requirements’ specification is to define the functional definition of the expected project result. The functional specification of the software is prepared in close cooperation with the client. We expand the functional requirements through regular interviews.

Development, implementation

During the development phase, the system itself is developed. In the course of the development, the objective is to implement the functionality in the specification based on the agreed sitemap and design plan. The development will be iterative and will be done in a manner and at a pace agreed with the client. During each iteration, the client may see, test and provide feedback right away on the elements created.


Every step of custom software development is documented to professional standards. We will prepare all the necessary materials, from development documents to the operating manual and user guide.

System Design

We prepare the system design based on the agreed requirements specification. The system design is the technical documentation on the basis of which the system is developed. The system design covers in detail all elements of the system to be developed. It defines, among other things, the architecture of the system, the interfaces, the entities, the data storage structure.

Integration, testing

This phase aims at integrating the completed modules into the finished system and testing the functionality of the system. During functional testing, test scenarios are created based on the requirements analysis. If required, we can also carry out performance testing. For this purpose, we establish user samples with the client, which are simulated to measure the performance of the system.

Operation, product support

This supporting workflow ensures that the custom-built software reacts to changes in the external environment and that the current configuration continuously and unobtrusively delivers the expected functionality.


We offer in-depth experience for the following platforms.

Mobile applications

  • iOS (iPhone, iPad), watchOS (AppleWatch), tvOS (Apple TV)
  • Swift, Objective-C
  • Android mobil, tablet, Android Wear (smart watch), Android TV
  • Kotlin, Java
  • React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, NativeScript, Ionic, Unity, C++, QT

Database management systems

  • Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle Database
  • MongoDB, CouchDB, DocumentDB, Redis

Cloud native

  • Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Firebase
  • Docker, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm
  • Microservice-based application development
  • Cloud-native technologies and components

R&D solutions

  • Robot control
  • image processing, image recognition (OpenCV, TensorFlow)
  • 3D point cloud processing
  • 6D position definition based on point clouds
  • developing neutral networks (Keras API, TensorFlow, TensorBoard)
  • Decision support through intelligent algorithms (route planning, timetable optimalization, etc)
  • Data analysis, data relationships, Big Data

Web technologies

  • ASP.NET, Node.js, PHP, WordPress, Drupal
  • JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, React, Vue.js, jQuery

Microsoft technologies

  • .NET and .NET Framework
  • Azure DevOps
  • SharePoint
  • Visual Stuido és Visual Studio Code

Desktop applications

  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Universal Windows Platform
  • macOS
  • Electron
  • DirectX
  • C++

Industry 4.0 solutions

  • Sensor data processing
  • Machine control
  • Reports


Mobile app
Flutter, Firebase, .NET Core, Azure
OpenCV, TensorFlow, Python, C#, .NET Core, Docker, Angular, NoSQL, CI/CD, Multilayer neural networks (Mask-RCNN, MLP)
Web app
.NET Framework, ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, Bootstrap, Entity Framework, Microsoft SQL Server
Mobile app
Manna FM
Flutter, Firebase, ASP.NET Core, Angular, Microsoft Azure
Mobile app
Hungary in your pocket
React Native, Firebase, Azure, .NET Core, WordPress
Web app
Kreinbacher winery
Web app
Desktop app
ASP.NET Core, Angular, Electron, Microsoft Azure
Tablet app
native iOS, Swift, nodeJS, IBM Db2 communication
Mobile app
Hungary Today
native iOS, -Android application, Swift, Kotlin, WordPress, .NET
Mobile app
Flutter, Firebase, Core, Azure, Angular
C++, PCL (PointCloudLibrary), Python
Mobile app
Friends of Hungary
Orchard, React Native, Firebase
Web app
Mobile app
native iOS, Android application, Swift, Kotlin, WordPress, .NET
Web app
.NET Core 3.1, Microsoft SQL Server, Angular
Mobile app
React Native, Firebase, Azure, .NET Core, SAP SDIS communication
Web app
Tablet app
Web app
Stakeholder interview, Sitemap, User flow, Prototype, UI design, Usability test, User test, Wireframe
Web app
Benchmark Games
Adobe Illustrator

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