Machine vision-based industrial and warehouse automation.

Our products address the common Industry 4.0 problem of receiving disordered parts to start a manufacturing process. With our innovative software, the robot will be able to automatically unload disordered parts. We use artificial intelligence to automate the production process at points where human labour has been indispensable. The fundamental problem with existing solutions is that they have not been able to replace human supervision in the event of random disorder.

Our solution uses AI-driven automatic reordering, so it can continue working without the need for human resources in all cases. Our system is able to detect a situation where no item can be removed without hitting the wall of the box, risking that the lifted object could fall and be damaged. In such a case, the system „disentangles” the items by partially repositioning the crate. By replacing this phase of the work, full automation of most semi-automatic processes can be achieved.

Technologies used

C++, PCL (PointCloudLibrary), Python