The IT field is rapidly evolving and progressing. Custom software development is an ever-present challenge in IT as every project has its own unique features. In order to best serve the needs of our clients, we know we have to follow the latest trends.

To meet these challenges, our colleagues have high level competences regarding the leading development platforms of today’s trends.

Mobile applications

  • iOS (iPhone, iPad), watchOS (AppleWatch), tvOS (Apple TV)
  • Swift, Objective-C
  • Android mobil, tablet, Android Wear (smart watch), Android TV
  • Kotlin, Java
  • React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, NativeScript, Ionic, Unity, C++, QT

Database management systems

  • Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle Database
  • MongoDB, CouchDB, DocumentDB, Redis

Cloud native

  • Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Firebase
  • Docker, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm
  • Microservice-based application development
  • Cloud-native technologies and components

R&D solutions

  • Robot control
  • image processing, image recognition (OpenCV, TensorFlow)
  • 3D point cloud processing
  • 6D position definition based on point clouds
  • developing neutral networks (Keras API, TensorFlow, TensorBoard)
  • Decision support through intelligent algorithms (route planning, timetable optimalization, etc)
  • Data analysis, data relationships, Big Data

Web technologies

  • ASP.NET, Node.js, PHP, WordPress, Drupal
  • JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, React, Vue.js, jQuery

Microsoft technologies

  • .NET and .NET Framework
  • Azure DevOps
  • SharePoint
  • Visual Stuido és Visual Studio Code

Desktop applications

  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Universal Windows Platform
  • macOS
  • Electron
  • DirectX
  • C++

Industry 4.0 solutions

  • Sensor data processing
  • Machine control
  • Reports