Where we monitor pigs with cameras and estimate their weight using software.

PigBrother’s mission is to ensure accurate growth planning in the pig fattening industry, optimize the use of available resources and predict external, environmental or internal physiological phenomena that affect the plan and influence weight gain. An important task is to minimize the high human resource requirements through automated, precision management, which will alleviate the labour shortage problem that characterizes the sector. The system uses machine learning methods to process large amounts of data from IoT devices in the pens. The forecasts and recommendations are presented in a user-friendly web interface to support decision making as efficiently as possible.

A common difficulty for the pig fattening sector is that producers cannot accurately estimate the weight of pigs to be fattened, they only work with approximations and a high margin of error when selecting pigs for slaughter. Slaughterhouses do not pay full price for pigs outside the specified weight limit, thus depriving the farms of significant revenues. Our software solution helps farmers by preventing these problems.

Our product line:

PigBrother - Continuous weight estimation in pens

PigFlow - Rotation management software

PigData - Multisensor for measuring environmental data

PigCounter - Pig Counting System

PigSelector - Weight measurement in real time, before delivery

Technologies used

OpenCV, TensorFlow, Python, C#, .NET Core, Docker, Angular, NoSQL, CI/CD, Multilayer neural networks (Mask-RCNN, MLP)