To meet the highest information security standards across our operations, we have developed and continuously refined an information security protocol that is in full compliance with MSZ ISO/IEC 27001:2022. The ISO 27001 contains the requirements of information security management systems. The standard aims to reduce information security risks and prevent incidents.

The overall aim of our information security policy is the continuous improvement of the corporate culture, embracing the synergies of information security and operational security, covering the areas of the information security management system, with the committed support of our management. 

The ISO 37001 contains the requirements for an anti-corruption management system.

As one of the leading players in the hungarian software development segment, we consider the fight against corruption as our key objective. This ensures our company's anti-corruption working environment, employee behaviour, business relations, reputation and positive social image. 

The ISO 37001 contains the requirements for an anti-corruption management system.

Our Company's business operations and success are based on ambitious objectives, outstanding performance and fair business conduct in all circumstances, in compliance with laws, internal regulations, professional and ethical rules. Therefore we expect our business partners to share commitment and they should follow our Company's ethical and compliance principles and they will apply them in their own value chains.


We possess a Facility Security Clearance With No Storage Capabilities („Egyszerűsített Telephely Biztonsági Tanúsítvány”).


Irányadó jegyzék

Our company is on the Register For Handling Classified Information („Irányadó Jegyzék”).

Irányadó Jegyzék (HU)